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Our Strategies

Aggressive GMG

High, long-term capital appreciation. Our Aggressive Strategy is ideal for those with a higher tolerance for risk, seeking significant returns. This strategy primarily targets investments in high-growth sectors, emerging markets, and innovative industries, with the aim of capitalizing on their rapid expansion and potentially yielding substantial long-term returns. However, investors should be prepared for possible volatility and potential capital losses due to the nature of the investments.

Growth and Income GMG
Growth and Income

Long-term growth and low to moderate income. The Growth and Income Strategy strikes a balance between capital appreciation and income generation. It is designed to deliver a steady stream of earnings while also providing opportunities for asset growth. This approach is best suited for investors with a medium to long-term investment horizon who are looking to balance their portfolio's growth potential with a reliable income source.

Conservative GMG

Current income and preservation of capital. The Conservative Strategy is designed for those who prioritize capital safety and steady income generation. The focus is to protect the initial investment while delivering consistent returns over time, reducing exposure to high-risk markets. This strategy is particularly suited to investors with a lower risk tolerance and a preference for stable returns.

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